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Gripsure Decking

Combining natural softwood timber decking with two hardened aggregate anti-slip infills, giving you a stylish looking deck which is safe and reliable with proven performance for peace of mind.

Why Use Gripsure?

Traditional timber deck-boards can become quite slippy in wet or icy conditions. By adding a special mixture of resin and aggregate to the grooves in the boards, the surface becomes much more ‘sure-footed’.

Product Specification:

  • Our anti-slip decking is made using Redwood low-maintenance deck-boards, which are machined and pressure treated and subsequently infilled with a unique aggregate blend resulting in professional and long-lasting finish
  • Aggregrate – a 1mm double washed and screened Guyanan Calcined Bauxite aggregate – grey coloured with a minimum PSV (polished stone value) of 70
  • Independently tested to UK slip resistance guidelines – with results demonstrating an optimum result of 90 PTV (Pendulum Test Value). A score in the range of 36 and above demonstrates a low potential for slip
  • Decking board profile – 38mm x 150mm
Gripsure Decking lifestyle

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